Importance of graphic design in the web design process

If you decide to design your website or have it designed by a professional web designer, it is important to consider factors such as navigation, content quality and website aesthetics. While the web designer has to take care of all these factors, the graphic design for the website should be considered equally. Graphic images are the first thing a visitor notices on a website, and because of the attractive graphic images, the reader is tempted to read the text.

A website designer, who can also be a graphic designer, needs to merge the graphics in his web design to create an attractive website that can attract visitors and force them to visit the websites again. In web design, web page layouts, page layout, and content are directly related to the graphic design created for the web pages. The graphics must be as good as other aspects of web design.

Let’s see how the graphic design is linked to various web design factors.

Home page – This is the most important web page of the website. It can change the website and so the graphic design on this page should be as attractive and effective as possible. If the homepage is not attractive enough, the bounce rate would increase and the whole purpose of the website would fail. Therefore, it is important to have graphics that are both attractive and informative enough to attract visitors’ attention. The use of colors and images that combine with the core message of the site is the best way to make the site as effective as possible.

Content – It is the content that talks about your company, your products, services and your work, but reading long content can sometimes be boring. To make it interesting, web design should be designed so that readers are forced to read the content. With the help of attractive graphical representations, you can appeal to customers and lead them to the appropriate content.

Brand reputation – A good graphic design integrated into the web design can lead to an improved reputation of the company and its brand. Graphics such as logos lead to the creation of brand identity and reputation and should therefore be carefully designed.

When graphic design is mixed with all these aspects of web design, the website owner can enjoy the following benefits – namely

A) Additional visual attractiveness of the website: Colours and images are more attractive than text and so images are an important aspect of a website. It appeals to the aesthetic sense of the viewer and helps them connect to the site.

The usability aspect is supported by good graphic design. Among other tools, graphic images can also make the website user-friendly.

C) Makes the website look more professional: Many times, despite a good web design and informative content, a website does not achieve the desired results. This is possible if no good graphic design is available. With effective graphics, the website can convey a touch of professionalism.

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