A museum without walls: take a virtual tour of the great art museums of the world.

Would you like to take a free tour of the world’s major art museums (except for the cost of your Internet access)? In the words of art historian Andre Malraux, to discover a “museum without walls” from New York to Seoul, from Paris to Moscow, from Amsterdam to Buenos Aires, where you can discover countless paintings, sculptures, photographs, crafts and

The Various Forms of Visual Art

Art is ubiquitous, in various forms of music, written word or painted pictures. Beautifully formed from an ugly rock or dyed on an empty canvas, there are various ways to see art. From ancient primitive arts to contemporary forms, art has traveled and changed many worlds. Abstract Art: As the name suggests, the artists here don’t believe that the representation

What kind of photography do you want?

People capture images for many motifs and range from over-romantic stimuli to extremely comfortable fears. The taking of pictures can possibly be an artistic structure, a family unit, a leisure activity that is otherwise a past obligation. Likewise, looking at images keeps us in touch with the past, continues us by being informed of what is happening, and allows us

Importance of graphic design in the web design process

If you decide to design your website or have it designed by a professional web designer, it is important to consider factors such as navigation, content quality and website aesthetics. While the web designer has to take care of all these factors, the graphic design for the website should be considered equally. Graphic images are the first thing a visitor

What is 3D animation? What is the difference to 2D animation?

What is this additional third dimension? Take a piece of paper and draw a simple figure on it (a cat, a dog or something that comes to your head). Let’s say it’s a cat and it faces you from this sheet of paper. So you have the front view of the cat in front of you. Assuming you feel that